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General Meeting


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Date Title Speaker File
2011/10/05 Survey: CoreDet?: A Compiler and Runtime System for Deterministic Multithreaded Execution murata 20111005.pptx pptx(ja)
2011/09/12 Deterministic Parallel Copying Garbage Collection murata 20110912.pptx pptx(ja)
2011/06/27 Survey: MassiveThreads? akiyama 20110627-massive.pdf pdf(ja)
2011/06/13 Interim research report murata 110613.pptx pptx(ja)
2011/05/23 Interim research report murata 110523.pptx pptx(ja)
2011/04/25 Interim research report murata 110425.pptx pptx(ja)
2011/03/02 Survey: Nominal logic: A first order theory of names and binding ywtnb 20110302.pptx pptx(ja)
2011/01/26 Survey: Fast PGAS Implementation of Distributed Graph Algorithms akiyama 20110126-pgas-graph.pdf pdf(ja)
2011/01/19 Survey: Compact Dispatch Tables for Dynamically Typed Object Oriented Languages ikejiri 20110119-ikejiri.pdf pdf(ja)
2010/12/22 Thesis Interim Report ywtnb 20101222-ywtnb.pptx pptx(ja)
2010/12/22 Thesis Interim Report arai thesis-interim-report.pptx pptx(ja)
2010/12/15 Survey: A Type and Effect System for Deterministic Parallel Java murata 101215.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/12/8 Survey: Efficient, Portable Implementation Of Asynchronous Multi-place Programs akiyama 20101208-flatx10.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/12/1 Survey: Reflection tsuzuki Reflection.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/10/13 Survey: Actor Frameworks for the JVM Platform: A Comparative Analysis akiyama 20101013-java-actor.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/11/10 Survey: Effective Static Race Detection for Java murata 101110.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/09/29 Survey: Pantaxou tsuzuki Pantaxou0929.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/09/22 Interim research report ywtnb 20100922.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/09/15 Survey: Types for Safe Locking murata 100915.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/07/28 What I did in Brussels tsuzuki What_I_did_in_Brussels.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/07/28 Survey: X10 - A Object-Oriented Approach to Non-Uniform Clustered Computing akiyama 20100728-x10.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/07/28 Typed Assembly Language for Implementing OS Kernels in SMP/Multi-Core Environments tosh tosh-talk-20100728-003.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/07/23 Survey: A Multithreaded Typed Assembly Language murata 100723.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/07/07 Survey: Concurrent abstract predicates ywtnb 20100707.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/06/23 Survey: The Implementation of the Cilk-5 Multithreaded Language akiyama 100623.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/06/16 Survey: Self VM system ikejiri 100616.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/06/02 Survey: From System F to Typed Assembly Language murata 100602.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/05/26 Survey: Manticore - A heterogeneous parallel language akiyama 100526.pdf pdf(jp)
2010/05/19 Survey: GADT and Type Families in Haskell ywtnb 20100519.pptx pptx(jp)
2010/04/07 Parallel Packrat Parser using Regularity in Syntactic Rules akiyama
2010/02/17 Survey: Certified compilers ywtnb 20100217.pptx pptx(jp)
2009/12/02 Survey: Certified Assembly Programming ywtnb 20091202.pptx pptx(jp)
2009/09/16 Survey: Ynot (Effective Interactive Proofs for Higher-Order Imperative Programs) ywtnb 20090916.pptx pptx(jp)
2009/06/24 Design and Implementation of ARM VMM by Full Virtualization zbkt zmeeting090624.ppt PPT(Japanese)
2009/06/17 Report: CCGrid 2009 dunnan 090617.Zentai.CCGrid09.pptx PPTX(English)
2009/06/10 Report: SACSIS 2009 koichi meeting_090610.pdf PDF(Japanese)
2009/05/27 Survey: The Beha vior of SAT Solvers in Model Checking Applications matu attachment/wiki/private/SystemSoftwareSeminar.ja/20090527.pdf PDF(Japanese)
2009/05/13 Survey: Implicit Detection of Hidden Processes with a Feather-Weight Hardware-Assisted Virtual Machine Monitor sawazaki 090513_sawazaki.pdf PDF(Japanese)
2009/04/15 Protecting Application Data on Memory and Disk from Outside Virtual Machines koichi meeting_090415.pdf PDF(Japanese)
2009/04/07 Survey: Fast Secure Virtualization for the ARM Platform zbkt zmeeting090407.pdf PDF(Japanese)
2008/06/03 Survey: Simple and Flexible Stack Types iizuka 全体ミーティング20080603.pptx PPTX(Japanese)
2008/05/27 Survey: Adaptive Functional Programming sgotou 080527-sgotou.pptx PPTX(Japanese)
2008/03/11 Survey: Sufficient Preconditions for Modular Assertion Checking nojiri 080311_nojiri.pptx PPTX(Japanese)
2008/03/04 Survey: Stealthy Malware Detection Through VMM-based "Out-of-the-Box" Semantic View Reconstruction sawazaki 20080304.pptx PPTX(Japanese)
2008/01/21 How to Give a Presentation tosh presen_for_presen-basic.pdf PDF(Japanese)