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Introduction of Yonezawa Group

We are interested in research about software in general. Currently, we focus on the following themes:

  • Security
  • Programming language
  • System software
  • Parallel distributed system.

For example, we are working on the following topics:

  • Advanced software using virtual execution environments
  • System software blocking attack from computer-virus and spyware by analyzing and monitoring behavior of programs.
  • C compiler generating safe programs
  • Information flow analysis for preventing leakage of sensitive information
  • Building an operating system with a typed assembly language
  • Verification of software safety with proof assistants
  • Dynamically reconfigurable infrastructure software for widely distributed computing (e.g., Grid and P2P).

In order to grease the wheels, our group has a lot of high-performance computers with high-speed network connections that are freely available for the members of our group. Our group also has devices necessary for the research.