Eijiro Sumii

I have moved. The web page here is obsolete.

It looks like someone is abusing my e-mail address in the From: line of spam (and virus) messages. This is not my fault! They are faking a false sender by themselves. See this page and/or this page, for example.

I am a research associate at Yonezawa Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology (temporarily moving to Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies), University of Tokyo. "Research associate" is an academic position in Japanese universities, somewhere between post-docs and professors. I myself do not have a Ph.D. yet, though – our system is complex!

I am interested in the theory and application of programming languages and type systems in a variety of domains including process calculi, partial evaluation, and security foundations.

I was serving as a planning committee member of Japan Society for Software Science and Technology since October 2001 till March 2003. I served as a program committee member of ICFP 2003.

My hobbies include classical music (piano, in particular), manga, badminton and swimming (nothing serious at all).

sumii AT yl.is.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

I never deal with unsolicited e-mails, including those like "I am a student. I like computer science. I want to enter your university/school/department. Please help me." If you are really interested in our research group and want a reply, please prove that your message is not a spam by discussing (in enough detail) specific topics directly related to us. Otherwise, I cannot write any reply.