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Regexp/OCaml: A syntax extension for regular expression match

Note: Regexp/OCaml is now moved to new personal homepage.

Regexp/OCaml provides convenient syntax sugar for regular expression match for strings using PCRE/OCaml library. The features of this macro package are the following:

A regular expression which appears in the source file will be evaluated only once; it is pre-compiled before actual execution and then cached. The package contains a small macro, called "once", makes any value to be evaluated only once.



0.9.0 --> 0.9.3:
0.9.3 --> 0.9.5:
0.9.5 --> --> --> 1.0.pre1:
1.0.pre1 --> 1.0.0:

A mingw/VC patch for findlib-0.8.1

findlib is a powerful package manager for Objective Caml implemented by Gerd Stolpmann. I ported it to use on mingw-port or VC++-port of OCaml on Win32.

Instruction for mingw port:

You can use either cygwin toolchain or mingw toolchain to build. I recommend to use cygwin toolchain. With cygwin-toolchain, pass an option --revcygpath to the configure script. With mingw tools, use Win2k or WinXP and make sure that the uname in the PATH is the mingw/msys version, then it will be automatically detected.

before invoking make, check that the detected install paths are correct Win32 paths (beginning with C:\ etc.).

Instruction for VC++ port:
Use cygwin tools and follow the instruction above.

File: findlib-0.8.1-mingw.diff