CTAL0 Implementations



The source code is available here (in tar-gzipped format). This software is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). NO WARRANTY. [Last updated: Sep 3, 2007]


  1. Download the source code and extract it.
  2. Type make in ctalz-software directory.
  3. The compiler can be invoked by shell script ctc. If compilation succeeds, it will generate a CTAL0 assembly file with suffix ".cts".
  4. The type-checker can be invoked by shell script cttc. If type-checking succeeds, it will generate an x86 assembly file with suffix ".s". This assembly file is to be linked with the GC library.

For example, to compile the sample program test.c, run the following in ctalz-software directory.

$ ./ctc test.c
$ ./cttc test.cts
$ gcc test.s -lgc

Author: Takahiro Kosakai (tkosakai [at] is.s.u-tokyo [dot] ac.jp)